10 Facts About Guardian of the Galaxy

"Rocket Raccoon was inspired by the Beatles song "Rocky Raccoon." " "Groot could originally speak." "Rocket's first job was in an insane asylum."    

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10 Amazing Facts about the Galaxy

"Our Milky Way Galaxy is a barred spiral galaxy about 120,000 light-years in diameter containing up to 400 billion stars and possibly just as many planets" "More than half the stars found in the Milky Way are older than the 4.5 billion year old sun"   "One of the earliest uses of the English term Milky Way was in Geoffrey Chaucer’s 14th-century poem “The House of Fame.” He likened the galaxy to a celestial roadway." "Lenticular galaxies are galaxies that have aspects of both elliptical and spiral galaxies. They have faint spiral arms and an elliptical halo of stars."  ...

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