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Grumpy Cat Galaxy Womens Hoodie

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Never before would you have found a grumpy cat so cute. This hoodie gives a different twist to the regular cat print designs. The placement of the design makes this garment even more unique. You get an additional dash of cuteness because of the colors used. These are just the color and shades that every woman will want in her wardrobe.

The front pockets of this hoodie not only make it even more stylish but also let you rest your hands comfortably. The hoodie can be adjusted conveniently with the help of the string. The ribs at the bottom and sleeves ensure that the fit of the garment is correct. The hoodie is made from high quality fabric which ensures that the durability of the garment is not compromised on.

You can easily team this hoodie up with any garment and will never be let down. The unique combination of style and cuteness makes this garment a must have in every woman’s wardrobe.


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