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Panda Animal Hoodie

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Get this hoodie and make a style statement. This panda animal hoodie is uniquely designed and will stand out in the crowd no matter wherever you go. The black color and the hoodie add to the complete look of the garment.

The strings in the hoodie make it easy for you to adjust it as per your comfort. The front zip of this garment adds to your comfort by letting you adjust the opening of the zip. You can team this hoodie up with any t-shirt, vest or top to accentuate the look. You can be assured of the durability of the garment as it is made from high quality fabric.  

Garment made from regular fabric this hoodie will not shrink because of the fabric. The full sleeves of the hoodie helps you easily combat cold and sun. This makes it all season wear. This hoodie is a perfect combination of style, uniqueness and comfort.


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