What is Galaxy Hoodie and where to buy ?

What is Galaxy Hoodie and where to buy ?
What is Galaxy Hoodie and where to buy ?

The Galaxy Hoodie is a hoodie with a technical pattern that blends in with the night sky. Designed by an astronomer and astrophotographer, it’s made from 100% cotton and features a matching drawstring hood.

What is Galaxy Hoodie?

Antti Jokinen, Galaxy’s CEO and Astronomer, explains what the hoodie is and why the company made it. A photo posted by Galaxy (@galaxy) on May 28, 2016 at 11:53pm PDT Think of a colorful logo that blends in with the night sky or a piece of jewelry that blends in with the space-related objects in a jewelry case. The technical pattern Galaxy designed for its own hoodies is both of those things. It’s currently sold out on the company’s website and online store, but you can buy a matching pink one here. Galaxy’s method of hoodie manufacturing comes down to two things: cost and innovation. A hoodie fabric is more expensive, and the craftsmanship involved — several layers of elastic and a unique pattern — takes time and science to develop. Designer Balmain collaborated with artist Muriel Toledo on bright floral prints. If a fashion company like Miu Miu works with a tailor to create menswear tailored to a consumer’s form and size, the possibilities for accessory customization are almost endless with a pattern-based hoodie. It’s a design not found in the wild, so it requires more hard work. “Fashion patterns aren’t easy to produce, and going global is a challenge,” said Jokinen. To produce this fashion accessory globally, Galaxy hired Muriel Toledo, an award-winning pattern-welder at Lafayette College and Texas A&M University, to design the patterns. But beyond the pattern-making and manufacturing aspects, Galaxy is a company that’s all about community.

Where is the best store for Galaxy Hoodies?

One of the biggest questions you might not have about Galaxy Hoodies is where to buy them. Luckily, Galaxy Hoodie Store has a retail location for them in upscale Brooklyn! Located in Bushwick, the store carries a wide range of merchandise for fans of both the scientific and astronomical community. You can find all kinds of apparel and accessories designed by their community of artists. Next to their merchandise store, the team at Galaxy HQ is also taking preorders and providing customers with a 25% discount code. If you have to pick between the two, book your visit to Brooklyn soon before they run out of stock. A photo posted by Galaxy Hoodie (@galaxyhoodie) on Feb 12, 2020 at 5:36pm PST Galaxy Hoodie Shop 21 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249 Store Hours: Mon 10am–10pm Tues 10am–10pm Wed 10am–10pm Thurs 10am–10pm Fridays 10am–10pm Saturday 10am–10pm Shop 2 Compassion No stranger to activism, Made in Brooklyn collects used clothing in homeless encampments around the city and repurposes it into charitable products like clothing and backpacks for people with disabilities. They have taken their mission from clothing distributes to providing people with essential clothing and toiletries and have a retail space on their website dedicated to purchasing their items. While the items themselves may be inexpensive, the team behind it is still donating 10% of their proceeds to their partners.

Best place to get your Galaxy pullover hoodies

The process of “pulling” an entire hoodie from the garment down, over your head, for a day of Galaxy-watching can be overwhelming. The directions on the Galaxy web store make it really easy, though. Use the search bar to look for”Galaxy Pullover Hoodie” to easily find one to buy online. Another great resource is LightSquared, which provides over 50 different DIY tutorials for building pullovers, too. Paragraph Topic: What is Galaxy Hoodie? What does it mean to have hoodies that happen to look like space? This morning, my boyfriend and I were walking down the street in warmer weather and saw the orange galaxy printed on a pop-up hoodie. It definitely reminded us of rainbows due to its bright colors. At first, I was thinking it was some kind of adult-only hoodie with lyrics to an EDM song on it, but no. The graphic itself feels more of a “I’m-in-the-chemistry-lab-bonding-with-my-space-coyote” vibe, rather than something one would wear on the street.

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